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Foundation Skills

What are “foundation skills”? At NWA School for Dogs, we consider foundation skills to be those skills required for you and your dog to have a harmonious and happy life together. Simple skills like: what’s your name? leave it sit down come walking politely on a leash wait being able […]

“Train Happy” philosophy

Dogs are emotional just like people.  We’ve all seen it. One dog will be happy, confident and outgoing while another is reserved and almost fearful.  As a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP) I have the skills to train the dog in a manner that they are comfortable with. […]

Puppy Training Tips

Over the last 20  years of training and raising dogs,  I’ve come up with the following top tips for how to help you and your puppy transition to a life of harmony. Have realistic expectations.  If your pup is only 10 weeks old let’s not expect a perfect pup.  Understanding […]

Travelling with your dog? Each year we have the opportunity to visit with family either in our own homes or away.  Many of us are lucky that our dogs are welcome along for the festivities. Here’s a few travel tips to keep your furry friend safe while travelling Keep your […]