My groomer saved my dog.

My old girl is turning 12 in August. She gets around but has arthritis in her paws which make it very uncomfortable for her nails to be cut with traditional nail clippers.  Hannah Manesreh, with Lucky Dog Canine Grooming, gently takes care of Stregas paws in a manner that I can not.  I bring her to Hannah and feed her treats while she gets her nails dremelled.

The other day, I took Strega in and asked Hannah to check her anal glands because she was a little stinky and honestly….I would rather just pay someone to look at her bottom!  Within a second Hannah announces “It’s not her anal glands, her tail is infected!”.

Besides the absolute horror of NOT knowing my dog was injured I immediately felt like a horrible mom!  How could I have not known!??

Well let me share the fact that Hannah, as well as countless other groomers, have saved more than a few dogs

They’re not just a hair stylist.  During their appointment, your dog is touched from head to toe.  If your dog has something new, your groomer is going to notice and let you know.

I’ve heard stories from my other groomer friends how, on a monthly visit, they noticed something unusual in one of their clients which turned out to be a serious medical issue.  Luckily Strega’s wasn’t a true medical emergency but I whisked her off to the vet and have started her on a round of antibiotics before it because a real problem.

I just wanted to say “thank you for saving my girl” to Hannah.  Also, thanks to Dr. Cyphers with Family Pets Vet Care and Acupuncture for getting us in so quickly.  She can’t definitively say why her tail is infected but at this point in time, antibiotics were our best bet!