Rainy Day Games

“EEGADS it’s raining!! We can’t go outside we may DIE” – Strega & Henry

That seems to be the tone for all dogs this morning.

So I wanted to share with you some things we do in our home to manage the cabin fever on really rainy days.

  1. For potty walks, grab that umbrella and go outside with them.  I know it sounds like a simple fix, but mine won’t even step foot outside if there’s rain.  They’ll go with me if I bring the umbrella though.   *funny note….they don’t ever stand under the umbrella with me. They just want company i supose.
  2. Grab a muffin tin and some tennis balls.  Put a treat in one or two of the tins and then cover them up with the tennis balls. The search for the treat will be fun as well as mentally exhausting.
    Image result for indoor dog games
  3.  Stuff a Kong with some Kibble and let them push it around the room as a treat dispenser.  When they’ve gotten really good at that you can put a little peanut butter for them to have to lick off.
    Image result for dog and kong
  4. Train something fun.  Grab a cardboard box and start clicking and treating for any interaction with the box!  This shaping exercise doesn’t have to have a final behavior!  It’s just something fun to do with your pup as you wait for that sunny rainbow.
    Image result for dog in a box
  5. Set up a little obstacle course!  Your broom handle held up by some chairs, a sheet held up by the couch making a tunnel, a step stool for them to jump onto….ANYTHING that could be seen as a fun obstacle course.

    these are just a few ideas that you can try as we wait for the rivers to subside. I hope these tips get you through our rainy day!  If you have any success stories about entertaining your housebound pup, please share them with us!  I know I’d love to hear them.

    Train happy- Shanthi